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Bows can come on Clip, Nude Nylon, or Black Nylon

We want to make the perfect bows for you! Whether you like tiny or huge, floppy, or ones that perfectly sit up straight. We believe that you and your little one deserves the best service, experience, and bow. 

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Make the perfect bow for you! Chose your Size, Tie, and Style.


Sizes (Width x Height of bow):

Mini                             3"x1"

Mini w/ Flair             3"x2"

Classic                       4"x3"

Classic w/ Flair       4"x4"

Grand                         6"x5"

Grand w/ Flair         6"x6"


Tie Styles:

Flap has an 'end' piece that can create a big floppy bow and moves with you (see video for Flap Tie)

Flapless is a more 'perfect' bow that stands and has very little movement (see video for Flapless Tie)


Style of Bow:

Chose the attachment you would like. Nude and Black Nylons are super stretchy and versatile. Good for babies with very little hair, to use as a headband, or to use as a ponytail. All Nylons are one-size-fits-all. Clips are used to attach to babies with hair. Piggies (for both Nylons and Clips) will give you TWO of the same style and color bow at a slightly discounted price.


Special Request section is optional. 

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