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      Contact I am always happy to hear from you. If you want to give me feedback, ask a question, request type of bow, or simply want to say hello use the contact form below or email: Submit Thanks for submitting!

    • Fabric Hair Bows and Headbands | Evelyn Lane Bows

      Bringing happiness to the world, one bow at a time Shop Bows on Nylon Shop Bows on Clips/Piggies Shop Bow Headwraps Shop Twist Headbands New arrivals: New Colors/Prints: ​ *all colors/prints are available in all styles* Bow Gallery Join our Facebook group for discounts and updates! Join the Tribe

    • Perfect Bow Pictures | Evelyn Lane Bows

      Getting the Perfect Bow Pictures Ever wonder how we get our Bow of the Day Pictures? Or wonder how we seemingly get the bows to sit up straight, even when laying down? We have created a guide to show exactly how we do it! *This is just a guide that we use, you can absolutely wear your bows anyway you want. We take pride that each bow is made to order and has character, it isn't mass produced. The bows you receive are made specially for you so you can wear them how you like. This is also just for fun :)* Step 1 Happy Baby Start with a happy baby! I know it may sound obvious but find the time that works best for your little to get pictures. Good times could be after a nap, after snack time, after a bath. Evie's happiest time is right when we wake up in the morning. VS Step 2 The Fluff When getting your bow ready, especially for a fabric bow on a nylon, it is important to 'Fluff.' I usually pinch the top of the bow flaps on both sides by the middle knot and slightly twist forward to 'open' up the flaps as much as possible. I repeat for the bottom as well. Step 3 Putting the Bow on Which way is up? Which way is down? We wear our fabric bows with the knot up. I find the bows sit best on top of the head this way. Some people find the opposite is true and that's totally fine. It's also important to note that I pull the nylon all the way down. By doing this, the bow will sit upright on top of the head and give maximum view. I LOVE bows sitting like this but if you would like the bow to sit flat against the head, then skip this step. Doing this really looks great with the Grand size bows, not so much the smaller ones. Placement is important. If lying down, I'll place the bow more forward on the head but not too far forward. If sitting or standing up, I'll place the bow further back on the head. VS Step 4 Getting the Picture Creativity and artistic style are really up to you but it is a good rule on standard pictures to take them straight on. Not too low of a view point. VS But don't be afraid of slight angles. Sometimes it can make or break a pose or picture. Step 5 Final Touches Step 5 Final Touches Once you have the picture you want, go ahead and add some final touches! Maybe adjust the brightness or add a filter, whatever you desire! Typically I don't do much editing but sometimes you can add a little POP changing the color or contrast slightly. Remember to share with your family and friends. You can also share your bow pictures with us on our Facebook page. We would love to see them! Share with us on Facebook :)

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