Bow Headwraps and Headbands:

Maxi Headwrap

Headbands & Mini Headwrap

Size                                 Band Width       Fits head sized:

Size                             Band Width       Fits head sized:

Newborn            5"              13"-16"

Baby                    5"             16"-19"

Toddler               5"             18"-22"

Adult                  5"              21"-25"

Newborn            3"              13"-16"

Baby                    3"             16"-19"

Toddler                3"             18"-22"

Adult                   3"              21"-25"

Maxi Headwrap bow size: 5-6 inches in width

Mini Headwrap bow size: 3-4 inches in width

NOTE: The smallest or biggest measurement in each size will be either a little loose or a little tight.

Bows on Nylon:

Size                             Bow W x L                         Nylon Size

Mini               2.5"x1"            One Size Fits all

Classic           4"x3"              One Size Fits all

Grand           6"x5.5"            One Size Fits all

Bows on Clips:

Size                                Bow W x L                     

Mini                  3"x2"                    

Classic              4"x4"                   

Grand                6"x5"                  

If you are unsure on which size to go with, use the chat feature! I typically am right by it all day.


*This entire section is opinion only*

Bow Headwraps and Headbands:

Maxi Headwraps are huge on newborns but look great at the same time. They cover the head as a hat or cap does which is great because we all know sometimes newborns' heads have a 'cone' appearance. Maxi Headwraps also look fantastic on toddlers or older children. They have the hair that can be held back by the Headwrap and instantly looks fashionable.

I actually prefer Mini Headwraps on babies (4 months-1 yr) and adults. 

If you can't decided what head size to get-maybe you have a 10 month old- unless it's seasonal or for a special occasion, go with the next size up so you can get as much use out of your Headwraps and Headbands as possible.

When your little one outgrows the Headwrap or Headband, it is a super kind and sweet thing to gift it to another Mother :)

Bows on Nylon

Nylon is great to hold a bow onto a child's head that has little or no hair. My Mom actually told me how a couple decades ago, women used scotch tape to hold the bows on the babies head! Luckly, we don't have to do that anymore.

Bows on Nylon are very versatile, they can sit up on the head, lay down against the head, worn as a headband, worn as a hair tie, and I've even doubled up two minis to give the bows an exotic look.

I think Mini look great on everyone. I do prefer Classic size for an everyday look and reach for the Grand sizes for pictures, special occasions, and when we want to really show off an outfit. I highly recommend Flair! for both Mini and Classic sizes. I love the bows with flair. For Grand, only get Flair! if you love very large bows!

As for color of the Nylon band itself, If your little has darker hair or a darker skin tone, I would select the black Nylon band. I would also select the black Nylon band if it matches better with the color or print.

Bows on Clips

These are my favorite! I cannot wait until Evie has enough hair to wear them. I think each size is perfect and the flapless tie produces the prettiest, most perfect bows.

These sit perfectly on the head and can be used in combination with anything. They look great by themselves, on your favorite headband, or in a pair for pigtails. As for size, I think every size looks good no matter the day! The extra Flair! on the Mini and Classic sizes really make a huge difference. If your child has thin hair, the Mini size works great!